Stuart, Florida


From 1893-1895, the area was known as Potsdam. The name was chosen by Otto Stypmann, a local landowner originally from Potsdam, Germany. Stypmann, with his brother Ernest, owned the land that would become downtown Stuart. Potsdam was renamed Stuart in 1895, after the establishment of the Florida East Coast Railway, in honor of Homer Hine Stuart, Jr., another local landowner.

Stuart was named the #1 Happiest Seaside Towns in America in Coastal Living Magazine's May 2016 issue. Often referred to as a hidden gem, Stuart is an Old Florida -- style treasure just 45 minutes north of Palm Beach. Nestled between two rivers and situated on the Atlantic, the town shares its waters with sea turtles, dolphins, and, most famously, sailfish -- its abundant local presence has led to the town's reputation as the "Sailfish Capital of the World."

"Dancin' in the Street" is an all-day street party and Stuart's oldest and most beloved music festival. The event takes place in August and draws residents and crowds from different cities to hear 20 local bands in the historic downtown and Riverwalk.

Take a boat trip along the numerous waterways and stop at the private beach along the way, accessible only by boat, then go to Sailors Return for lunch -- between enjoying the sun and the food, you'll be sure to love Stuart!