Parkland, Florida


The City of Parkland is a stunning and green, upscale residential community with small scale commercial villages. Its hometown atmosphere and superb neighborhood schools help to make the community family-friendly. Residents enjoy an active lifestyle through first class leisure, cultural amenities, and easy movement through the streets and multi-use trails.

The state of the art Parkland Library is located at the Municipal Complex. Parkland residents are encouraged to register for its programs and events, which include everything from arts, books, and cultural discussion groups to watching movies with your family.

Parkland offers great year-round outdoor programs, including summer camp and senior programs, at Pine Trails Park. Additionally, concerts, shows, farmer's market, and other city related events are also held at Pine Trails Park, making it a community favorite for residents and visitors.

Quality development while protecting the environment and character of the community is the neighborhood's top priority. Residents advocate to protect Parkland's interests, maintaining its authenticity and natural beauty.