Hypoluxo Island

Hypoluxo Island, FL

Hypoluxo Island

Hypoluxo Island has been growing and developing since it was connected to Florida in 1925. The Island boasts luxury real estate, natural beauty, and tropical serenity.

The word "Hypoluxo," meaning water all around, comes from the Seminole Indian name for Lake Worth. That surrounding water is a huge attraction for everyone who loves water activities.

The nice thing about Hypoluxo Island is that it is growing steadily with the addition of new condos, duplexes, and apartments, but residents don't feel overwhelmed by the booming development. The community still preserves and protects their docks, local parks, and overall environment. Much of the natural habitat has been well-maintained on this Island.

You're always a short walk away from the beach and Atlantic Ocean, keeping serene living and the coastal lifestyle at your fingertips. It's easy to understand why visitors love Hypoluxo Island, and even easier to see why so many want to live in this gorgeous community.