Homestead, Florida


Homestead is rich with history. From the workers on the railroad, to the producers who tilled the ground, every era made their imprint and added to the development from pioneer town to flourishing city. The Landmark Hotel (also known as the Seminole Hotel) built in 1913 and The Faust House, an excellent illustration of the adaptation of the Mission/Spanish Colonial style, are both perfect examples of the history that still stands in Homestead.

Today, the tropical setting of Homestead provides miles of fruit trees and ornamental nurseries. Homestead is located precisely between two national parks, (two miles toward the east, Biscayne National Park and two miles toward the west, Everglades National Park), and just 30 minutes south is the Florida Keys.

A few popular locations in Homestead are Knaus Berry Farm, where you can enjoy freshly made, mouthwatering cinnamon rolls; Schnebly Redland's Winery; Coral Castle; Burr's Berry Farm; and Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Neighboring Homestead is the town of Redland, the only agricultural community left in Miami-Dade County where many Homestead residents purchase garden-fresh fruits and vegetables.